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Company Policies

Health & Safety

Stayner Rental Limited is committed to conducting its activities so as to provide every employee with a working environment that is free from recognized health and safety hazards. Employees will not be required, or knowingly allowed, to work in an unsafe manner. Our aim is to be an industry leader in Health and Safety.

We will manage our Health and Safety programs and activities in accordance with accepted principles of loss control, accident prevention standards, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and applicable regulations.

Management and employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the Company’s overall Health and Safety initiatives. Participation by all employees on every job is necessary to achieve the safety excellence the Company expects. Anything else is unacceptable.

Every Supervisor will ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained. All contractors and their workers will meet or exceed Stayner Rental Limited Health and Safety Policy and Program requirements.

Management will participate in Health and Safety programs and support all employees with proper equipment, training and operating procedures. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, reporting all unsafe and unhealthy work conditions and supporting our safety goals.

A safe, injury and accident-free workplace is our goal. With commitment and cooperation from every employee of Stayner Rental Limited we will accomplish this goal.

Safety equipment such as work gloves, protective eyewear and hearing protection will be provided by the employer. Employees are required to wear protective equipment in the workplace and must supply their own protective footwear. Hearing protection and eye protection are to be worn in the designated areas. Emergency exits shall be clearly labeled and free from obstructions.

Workplace Violence

The management of Stayner Rental Limited, recognizes the potential for Workplace Violence & Harassment and is committed to its prevention and to provide a work environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. We will take whatever steps are appropriate to protect our workers from workplace violence and harassment from all sources.

Workplace Violence & Harassment will not be tolerated on company premises, or while an employee is conducting company business at other locations. Any act of violence or harassment committed by or against any employee is unacceptable and will be subject to Stayner Rental Limited’s discipline policy and/or legal action.

Violent behaviour in the workplace is unacceptable from anyone. This policy applies to employees and customers, strangers and personal relationships. Everyone is expected to uphold this policy and to work together to prevent Workplace Violence & Harassment.

For the purpose of this policy, Violence & Harassment includes but is not limited to:

• The use of, or attempt to use, physical force by a person against an employee, in the workplace, that causes or could cause physical injury. For example: hitting, shoving, pushing, or kicking.

• Any threat, behaviour that intimidates, isolates or even discriminates, or actions directed at an employee that may be interpreted to carry the potential to harm or endanger the safety of the employee. For example: threatening language or comment, shaking fists, destroying property or throwing objects. Words that are embarrassing, humiliating or demeaning to a worker or group of workers.

There is a workplace Violence & Harassment program that implements this policy. It includes measures and procedures to protect workers from workplace violence & harassment, a means of summoning immediate assistance and a process for workers to report incidents or raise concerns.

Stayner Rental Limited, as the employer, will ensure this policy and the supporting program is implemented and maintained and that all workers have the appropriate information and instruction to protect them from violence in the workplace.
Management will investigate and deal with all incidents and complaints of workplace violence in a fair and timely manner. The policy and program will be reviewed and updates, if required, annually.

Every worker must work in compliance with this policy and the supporting program. All workers are encouraged to raise any concerns about Workplace Violence & Harassment and to report any violent incidents or threats.

This policy prohibits reprisals against employees, acting in good faith, who report incidents of workplace violence or who are involved in an investigation. Management will take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent reprisals, threats of reprisal, or further violence.

Nothing in this policy prevents or discourages a worker from filing an application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on a matter related to Ontario’s Human Rights Code within one year of the last alleged incident. A worker also retains the right to exercise any other legal avenues that may be available.


  1. Stayner Rental Limited (SRL) is a company fully committed to the needs and requirements of its customers and staff.
  2. Our staff has been trained to recognize the needs of the customer and will do everything reasonable to assist them with their needs.
  3. The premises has been constructed in a manner to comply with existing engineering, safety, and accessibility standards. The premises is equipped with automated doors, wheel chair accessible washroom, accessible parking, and ramps.
  4. We fully welcome any support persons or animals into our facility.
  5. Our company information is available from our staff or on our website – Feed back is welcomed and encouraged –

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